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Royal Red - Fall 2015

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Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Points Blank
Confirmed Sep 29 07:00pmStonebridge Country ClubSaturnia-20/9-03
Confirmed Sep 29 07:00pmDeer CreekTennis Center of Coral Springs-30/9-03
Scheduled 09/29/15 07:00pmBoca Bath & TennisBoca Grove-10/0Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Oct 6 07:00pmTennis Center of Coral SpringsSaturnia-39/0-30
Confirmed Oct 6 07:00pmDeer CreekBoca Grove-27/2-21
Scheduled 10/06/15 07:00pmStonebridge Country ClubAddison Reserve-10/0Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Oct 13 07:00pmTennis Center of Coral SpringsAddison Reserve-29/0-30
Confirmed Oct 13 07:00pmDeer CreekBoca Bath & Tennis-15/4-21
Confirmed Oct 13 07:00pmBoca GroveSaturnia-35/4-21
Confirmed Oct 20 07:00pmTennis Center of Coral SpringsStonebridge Country Club-19/0-30
Confirmed Oct 20 07:00pmSaturniaBoca Bath & Tennis-29/0-30
Confirmed Oct 20 07:00pmBoca GroveAddison Reserve-36/3-21
Confirmed Oct 27 07:00pmSaturniaDeer Creek-16/3-21
Confirmed Oct 27 07:00pmAddison ReserveBoca Bath & Tennis-35/4-21
Confirmed Oct 27 07:00pmBoca GroveStonebridge Country Club-24/5-12
Confirmed Nov 3 07:00pmStonebridge Country ClubBoca Bath & Tennis-35/4-21
Confirmed Nov 3 07:00pmBoca GroveTennis Center of Coral Springs-14/5-12
Scheduled 11/03/15 07:00pmAddison ReserveDeer Creek-20/0Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Nov 10 07:00pmStonebridge Country ClubDeer Creek-39/0-30
Confirmed Nov 10 07:00pmAddison ReserveSaturnia-10/9-03
Scheduled 11/10/15 07:00pmBoca Bath & TennisTennis Center of Coral Springs-20/0Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Nov 17 07:00pmBoca GroveBoca Bath & Tennis-19/0-30
Confirmed Nov 17 07:00pmTennis Center of Coral SpringsDeer Creek-32/7-12
Confirmed Nov 17 07:00pmStonebridge Country ClubSaturnia-20/9-03
Confirmed Dec 1 07:00pmTennis Center of Coral SpringsSaturnia-39/0-30
Confirmed Dec 1 07:00pmAddison ReserveStonebridge Country Club-15/4-21
Confirmed Dec 1 07:00pmBoca GroveDeer Creek-22/7-12
Confirmed Dec 8 07:00pmBoca Bath & TennisDeer Creek-13/6-12
Confirmed Dec 8 07:00pmAddison ReserveTennis Center of Coral Springs-23/6-12
Confirmed Dec 8 07:00pmBoca GroveSaturnia-30/9-03
Confirmed Dec 15 07:00pmBoca Bath & TennisSaturnia-24/5-12
Confirmed Dec 15 07:00pmStonebridge Country ClubTennis Center of Coral Springs-10/9-03
Scheduled 12/15/15 07:00pmAddison ReserveBoca Grove-30/0Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jan 5 07:00pmStonebridge Country ClubBoca Grove-29/0-30
Confirmed Jan 5 07:00pmDeer CreekSaturnia-10/9-03
Confirmed Jan 5 07:00pmBoca Bath & TennisAddison Reserve-30/9-03
Confirmed Jan 12 07:00pmTennis Center of Coral SpringsBoca Grove-19/0-30
Confirmed Jan 12 07:00pmDeer CreekAddison Reserve-27/2-21
Confirmed Jan 12 07:00pmBoca Bath & TennisStonebridge Country Club-36/3-21
Confirmed Jan 19 07:00pmTennis Center of Coral SpringsBoca Bath & Tennis-26/3-21
Confirmed Jan 19 07:00pmDeer CreekStonebridge Country Club-36/3-21
Confirmed Jan 19 07:00pmAddison ReserveSaturnia-12/7-12
Total Matches: 5
Byes: 0

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